Model Building
Each model is as much of work of art as a famous painting and proud yacht owners understand the value of such a piece of art as it's a tribute to their pride and joy.

These masterpieces are not just for show, many builders order models early in the concept and design stages in order to provide their client a tangible representation of what the finished product will be.

The Process
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Auto Cad Drawings
Models are created from Cad Drawings and/or 3D Files provided by the manufacturers/designers using an array of computer numerically controlled (CNC) mapping, 3D Prototype machinery and laser cutting machines to create the prototype scale model.
Precision Cutting
Precision laser cutting machines guarantees the highest precision in the fit and finish of wood decks, furniture and other details.
Each model is finished using marine paints matched to the exact colors as the original yacht and is completed with a perfectly produced name on the transom, logo and even the yacht club burgee.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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How long does it take to create the model?
Each model takes about 3 - 6 month after reviewing CAD files.
Is it possible to have a prototype more quickly?
For boat builders wanting a simple rapid printed prototype model, it could be completed as fast as 1 month.
I want an even more detailed model. Can Isaksen Scale Models do this?
For the mega yacht owners who want a complex detailed model showing every little detail using 14K gold and platinum for deck hardware to simulate chromed hardware, the wait time for these models are about 1 year from start up.
Do you make half models?
In design stages its great to only have a prototype built to view the shapes in 3 D prior to having the detailed model completed. We can rapid prototype the half model to see one side to keep the cost down. It's a great way to save on cost and see the 3 D model as well.
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